Ticket Cab. Earn more as you go.

The payment system that gives you much more

  • Sell tickets to London attractions and tours directly to your passengers and get paid
  • Unique system prints official, entry tickets, with queue-jump options
  • Top London and regional attractions – Shakespeare’s Globe, St. Paul’s, Madame Tussaud’s, London Eye, Ripley’s, citycruises Thames sightseeing cruises and lots more…

The Benefits

  • Exclusive to Black Cabs – not available to mini-cabs or Uber
  • Take payments by cash, contactless, Chip and PIN, Apple pay, PayPal… – lowest transaction fee guaranteed for the lifetime of the contract (at-cost, typically 1 to 2%)
  • Compliance with all payment card industry regulations

Ticket Cab provides all you need

  • Free hand held and Pin Entry Device terminals
  • Printer rolls and all you need to sell
  • Worth over £1200
  • Fully supported with dedicated helpdesk
  • Built in printer for receipts and tickets

Start earning more

      With TicketCab you will be ready to sell tickets to London’s attractions and tours within minutes.
      Every ticket sold earns you money, and takes only seconds to print.
    So instead of just dropping a fare at the door, now you can also offer tickets to go straight inside.


What’s in it for you

Earn extra £££

Ticket Cab gives you the opportunity to earn as you drive. There is no upper limit.

What's in it for you?

Every ticket sold earns you commission and takes only seconds to print. So instead of just dropping a fare at the door, now you can offer them tickets to go straight inside.

Exclusive to Black Cabs

Never to Uber or mini-cabs, Ticket Cab is only available to you.

Black Cabs Only

TicketCab is only available to you.  We want to help you every step of the way and part of our promise is that we will only install our systems into Black Cabs. Never to Uber or private hire mini cabs.

Accept Card Payments

Chip and Pin, Contactless and Apple Pay... Install TicketCab and you can accept them all.

Card, cash, mobile wallet

TicketCab takes all types of payment- cash, card, contactless and mobile wallet

London's best attractions

Top London and regional attractions - Tower of London, Madame Tussaud's, London Eye - and lots more

Top tickets around town

TicketCab only provides the best of the best so that you can offer tickets to the places you need. All printed on the spot, and with fast-track entry to beat the queues.

Top rates for your time

TicketCab secures and pays the best rates on every ticket available on our system so that you can earn more.

You earn it and you receive it

Commission is paid on every ticket you sell. The more attraction tickets that you sell, the more you earn.

It's so easy

Straightforward with no complications. The TicketCab system is easy to use and professionally installed.

Fares, tips and tickets in moments

It takes just a few minutes to learn to use the handheld terminal with intuitive, large format touchscreen display and built in printer, you can keep an eye on all your transactions too.

We Make It Easy

What does Ticket Cab involve?

Ticket Cab provide the terminals into your vehicle free of charge. There are no rental fees, just a returnable deposit. Transaction fees are at a fixed value of 3%.  The system is compatible with all current types of Chip and Pin, Contactless and Apple Pay transactions.

Once installed you will have access to sell tickets to a wide range of attractions, such as Madame Tussaud’s, London Eye (fast track), London Dungeon, Shakespeare’s Globe, St Paul’s Cathedral, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Sightseeing Bus Tours and Thames cruises plus many others.
Every ticket sale will earn you money at an agreed percentage and typically a sale is completed in just a few moments. It really is that simple. All transactions are secure, and fully compliant with payment industry standards.

Full support and training is provided.

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What’s in the Kit?

The full system includes a handheld terminal, integral card reader, SIM card, paper rolls and brochures with published prices and attraction details.

What is it going to cost me?

There is no charge for the kit or maintenance however we do request a deposit to secure against loss or damage, this is fully refundable should you return it to us.

What are the transaction fees?

Transaction fees are fixed and guaranteed at 3% for the duration of your contract.

How do customers know it’s genuine?

Tickets are printed directly from your machine onto pre-printed TicketCab paper that gives our full details. Each ticket carries a unique number, attraction details and logo, as well as your seller ID.

How do I know what I’ve earned?

TicketCab drivers are given access to online information showing transaction, sales and commission information. You can also view sales and transaction information on the handheld terminal.

Will tickets be cheaper elsewhere?

Ticket prices vary by attraction and are sold at published, on-the-door prices. There is never any inflated cost to the customer. TicketCab does offer a choice of add-ons for some attractions, such as queue-jump or fast track options, which allow the customer to go straight in the door.

How will people know I’m selling tickets?

TicketCab will provide you with any leaflets that you wish to carry, along with stickers for the inside of your cab. But most of all we are counting on you, the cabbie, to spread the word as you drive.

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Who Are We

TicketCab has been developed by ECR Retail Systems in the UK. Founded in 1973 ECR are one of the oldest Electronic Point of Sale providers in the world. For over 40 years our systems have been in use in the Retail, Hospitality, Ticketing, Leisure and Banking industries, across four continents. We have installed systems for the NAAFI in Afghanistan, and even in the Nag’s Head, Peckham (yes, really!).

Global experts in mobile point of sale, innovation and expertise drive our business. We guarantee that our systems meet all current and future payment industry standards on PCI compliancy.

Our experience, coupled with the agility and ability to scale for any project, take the pain out of the entire process of selecting, building and installing software.

Our Systems in Action

The Big Bus Company

ECR provided The Big Bus Company with a world first: mobile, Chip and Pin enabled, handheld terminals that can be used by street vendors to sell tickets to tourists at various locations around the world quickly, efficiently and professionally. The Big Bus Company has grown from a family business with two buses to become one of the world’s largest open-top bus tour operators, with 250 buses operating in some of the world’s biggest cities, using ECR’s ticketing solution both on-board and on-street.

Paris Kiosk

Ticket Kiosk offered a lifeline to my business. I’ve been offered voucher schemes and printed tickets to sell before but this is so much easier and I’m guaranteed to be paid for what I sell. Plus I can now accept cards, which is a real benefit for my business and for customers.

Erwan Dupas, Paris Kioskee

London Duck Tours

London Duck Tours offer more than just a sightseeing tour – it’s an exciting road and river adventure appealing to visitors of all ages. London Duck Tours were experiencing rapidly expanding passenger numbers and sought a new payment solution to accommodate those customers who walked in to book a tour, and their changing business requirements. London Duck Tours were particularly keen to install a Chip and Pin system and asked ECR to come up with a solution which suited both their online and customer present scenario. ECR’s solution provided a highly secure, point of sale swift payment processing solution. The EPoS integration was exactly what was required. The link into the web sales meant that for the first time analysis could be made for both load management as well as ROI on the expensive vehicles.

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